King’s Stoke

First to March, First to Stand, First to Break the King

We are currently accepting crew bookings, and player bookings for Marcher players, invitees, and characters who have attended previously. Other bookings will be held until 28 September. If there are more applications than places at that point, which bookings are accepted will be at the discretion of the organisers.


First, fill in the booking form.

Second, if you have a booking that will be processed immediately, pay using the link below or the instructions in the email you receive after booking.

If you have a booking that is going on the waiting list, we will let you know if you have a place after 28 September; we’d appreciate you paying as soon as possible at that point.


Catered adult ticket with sleeping in IC hut: £55
Catered adult ticket sleeping offsite or in own tent: £45
Catered ticket for player aged 7-15: £25
Ticket for player aged under 7: Free
Crew ticket (catered): Free
Player crew (catered, by arrangement only): £20

Pay Online through Paypal