King’s Stoke

First to March, First to Stand, First to Break the King

Book now! Bookings from Marchers, invitees and previous attendees will be processed immediately; those from anyone else will be held until Monday 22 November then processed, but book now to be processed first at the end of the restricted period!


First, fill in the booking form. You will receive payment instructions once you have completed the form.


This year, catering is optional. Prices below (except crew) do not include catering, which can be added to any ticket for £20.

Adult ticket: £55
Concessions*: £45
Ticket for player aged 7-15: £25
Ticket for player aged under 7: Free
Catering: £20
Crew ticket (catered): Free

* Including student, unemployed, retired, low-income – offered on a trust basis for those who feel they need it